12th Frontiers in Low Temperature Plasma Diagnostics
23-27 April 2017, Zlatibor, Serbia

Scientific program

The scientific program of FLTPD will start on the morning of Monday the 24th and will finish on Thursday the 27th at noon. The workshop and poster sessions will take place in the morning and late afternoon/evening. Following the tradition of FLTPD meetings, all afternoons will be free for scientific exchange and discussions.
- The program consists of 10 invited lectures (45 min), and 16 topical talks (25 min).
- Two poster sessions will be organized for all posters (no division). The poster presenters are kindly asked to put their posters on display during the entire conference.

Time schedule of the FLTPD XII in PDF

Invited lectures

- Uwe Czarnetzki, Kinetics of Rydberg molecules, excited states, and the plasma in atmospheric pressure helium plasmas

- Francisco Gordillo – Vazquez, Ground-based optical spectroscopy of plasma phenomena in the upper atmosphere of the earth

- Kenji Ishikawa, Diagnostics of activated species generated in non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasmas for biomedical applications

- Milivoje Ivković, Optical emission spectroscopy for electron number density plasma diagnostics

- Xinpei Lu (Huazhong, China), Diagnostics of atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasma jet and ROS penetration of tissue

- Kirsty McKay, Sampling ions from DBDs

- Deborah O'Connell, Diagnostics of discharges in humid gases

- Dmytro Rafalskyi, Magnetized retarding field energy analyzer to measure the particle flux and ion energy distribution of both positive and negative ions

- Katsuyoshi Tsumori, Plasma diagnostics of negative ion plasma in large scaled negative ion sources

- Nelson De Oliveira, Probing transient species produced in a plasma discharge by high resolution absorption spectroscopy in the VUV

Topical lectures

- Luca Matteo Martini, LIF measurements of OH in a ns pulsed discharge for CO2 conversion

- Antonio Tejero Del Caz, Understanding cylindrical electrostatic probes through PIC simulations

- Robert Soriano Casero, Real time monitoring of NF3, NH3 and HF densities in the downstream of a soft-etch reactor by VUV Broad-Band absorption spectroscopy

- Michal Zanaska, Floating harmonic probe measurements in the low-temperature plasma jet deposition system

- Nicola Gatti, Assessing the non-equilibrium: vibrational and rotational temperature profiles in N2 and N2 -CO2 microwave plasma from laser Raman scattering

- Ilija Stefanović, Production of electrons in the afterglow of Ar/dust/acetylene and Ar/dust plasmas

- Tsanko Tsankov, Non-invasive determination of plasma parameters from the ion velocity distribution function

- Tomas Hoder, High-resolution spectroscopic and electrical analysis of surface barrier discharges emerging at argon/water interface

- Nikola Ivanović, Model function for measuring neon line Stark shift

- Mario Janda, Comparative cross-correlation spectroscopy study of positive and negative polarity transient spark discharge in ambient air

- Bart Klarenaar, Vibrational excitation kinetics of CO2 in a pulsed glow discharge

- Frantisek Krcma, Fast camera imaging of the sparking regime of DC supplied discharge in water solutions

- Adam Obrusnik, Detecting plasma-induced pressure waves in a pulsed kHz plasma jet and their implications on the turbulence onset

- Pavel Dvorak, Fluorescence measurement of hydroxyl radicals in a coplanar dielectric barrier discharge ignited in water vapour

- Pierre David, Tomography of rotating coherent modes in a magnetized plasma column